Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Have Been Tagged

My friend, Erica has tagged me. Apparently I have to go to my 4th blog and 4th picture, but since I have not had my blog very long and since I have not really posted on it I am going to use my 4th picture on my computer. This picture was taken by my good friend Erica. We were attempting to take family pictures which did not get very far because it started to downpour. I still like this picture though!

I am not quite sure who I am supposed to tag since I have not been in the blogging world that long! Maybe I will just tag anyone and everyone!


E said...

Too bad it wasn't one of the silly pictures of Ashley refusing to smile for us! =0)

I think that's the SAME picture that you used as your profile, isn't it?

Lana said...

Yes! I really like this picture, too! I thought it was funny when it turned out to be that same photo I was to post!

Mr Mike said...

Nice picture, I never heard of "tagging" either. I guess I'm lucky to have been in time for computers, so don't even ask me about those cell-pod phones.